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March 24th 2021 

Stream the first half of "Camp Kill" for free and the last half for only $5.00!!! Click here for more info.

November 7th 2019

Celebrate the tenth anniversary of "Camp Kill" with a brand new cover!!! Shipping now!!! Already own the DVD but want the new cover? No problem. Send us an email and we'll send you a printable cover that you can print out yourself and slip into your DVD case. Click here to check out the new cover and/or send us an email to get the new cover.

May 21st 2017

New!!! The first half is on us. Watch the first half of "Camp Kill" on this site now!!! Click here to get get started.

April 29th 2017

Coming soon!!! Watch the first half of "Camp Kill" for free on this site (minus the sex and nudity of course). We hope to have the first half of "Camp Kill" up for streaming sometime in May or June!!! More info to come!!!

January 1st 2013

Not all that much has been going on at camp as of late. But outside of the bloody camp trails and cabins, a whole bunch of stuff is going on. "Camp Kill" writer/producer/director Nate Hanley and camper Matt Hoemke have been talking movies at their YouTube movie review channel. They even take movie review requests! Be sure to check it out here!!!

November 5th 2011

"We were bummed to hear the news that Prime Video, one of the many shooting locations for "Camp Kill", closed it's doors for good this summer.  Video stores have always been a favorite destination for movie nuts.  I remember being a kid and creeping over to the horror section to look at all of the creepy and nasty horror movie boxes.  Before I got into horror movies I would look at those boxes with my little virgin eyes and think to myself, "who would want to watch that stuff?" Needless to say things have changed since then.  I love horror movies now and video stores, those great places for movie nuts are nearly all gone.  It is a shame that future generations will never know the joy of going to a video store and looking at all of the posters on the walls and all of the movie boxes on the shelves.  If you were lucky you could score some cool posters from the "Free Posters" bin.  Those were the days." -Nate  

February 17th 2011

New alternate version of the "Camp Kill" trailer just added to the site!!!  "Camp Kill" trailer B!!!  Check it out here!!!

December 1st 2010

The cost of camping has just gone down!!!  Click here for more info. 

November 2nd 2010

A very important page has just been added here.

September 23rd 2010

Summer is over, but that does not mean the camping has to stop.  Camp all year long by simply watching the slasher epic, "Camp Kill"!!!  Halloween is right around the corner and it will be the very first Halloween that you can watch "Camp Kill"!!!  So what are you waiting for?  Order your "Camp Kill" DVD today so you can add it to the Halloween-horror-movies-to-watch list!!!   

August 19th 2010

As of now, "Camp Kill" has been out on DVD for nine whole months.  We are thrilled that so many people have seen and enjoyed it.  We thought it was about time to share more camp fun with all you campers out there.  We have just added nine whole minutes of "Camp Kill" bloopers to the site!!!  That's right!!!  You can see everything not going as planned at camp right here!!!

May 24th 2010

"Camp Kill" writer, producer, director, Nate Hanley, takes a moment on the two year anniversary of the first day of shooting (May 23rd 2008) to thank everyone that has been a part of "Camp Kill".  Watch the video here!!! 

February 24th 2010

A few campers survived the bloody weekend at "Camp Kill" and have come forward to talk about it!!!  Read all about what they experienced here!!!

January 31st 2010

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased "Camp Kill" so far!!!  We can't thank you enough for supporting a truly independent movie and movie maker.  We hope everyone that has purchased it enjoys it as much as we do!!!  We want to hear what you guys think of it!!!  We would like anyone that is interested and that has seen "Camp Kill" to send us their review of it so we can post what you guys have to say about the movie on the site!!!  Please send your "Camp Kill" reviews to:  Thanks everyone!!!

January 14th 2010 

We just added some video footage of the premiere to the site!!!  Check it out here!!!

January 10th 2010

"Camp Kill" world premiere was a blast!!!  Thanks to everyone for coming out to be a part of it!!!  Be sure to check out some photos of the event here!!!

January 9th 2010

"CAMP KILL" WORLD PREMIERE TONIGHT!!!  At Andover Cinema in Andover Minnesota!!!  10:30pm.  Open to the public!!!  Admission free!!!  Don't miss it!!!  See you there!!! 

January 4th 2010 

"Camp Kill" world premiere this Saturday, January 9th at Andover Cinema in Andover Minnesota!!!  If you live in the area, be sure not to miss out on this event!!!  It is free and open to the public!!!  Be the first to see "Camp Kill" on the big screen!!!  We will be selling "Camp Kill" DVD's there as well!!!

December 30th 2009

A third clip from "Camp Kill" has been added to the site!!!  Check it out here!!!

December 22nd 2009

Another clip from "Camp Kill" has been added here!!!

December 15th 2009

Live in Minnesota?  If so, you could see "Camp Kill" on the big screen!!!  Andover Cinema will be hosting the world premiere of "Camp Kill" on January 9th 2010!!!  Must be 18 or older with valid ID.  Click here for details.

December 14th 2009

Watch a clip from "Camp Kill" here!!!

December 1st 2009

"CAMP KILL" NOW ON DVD!!!  The day all you campers have been waiting for is here!!!  The slasher epic, "Camp Kill" is finally on DVD!!!  Click here to order!!!

October 4th 2009

Post-production is complete on "Camp Kill"!!!  After months and months of shooting and cutting, shooting and cutting and a couple of months working on sound, "Camp Kill" is done.  We are very happy with the end result and can't wait to show it to all the horror fans out there.  With a running time of 160 minutes, "Camp Kill" is a slasher epic and one we hope you will all enjoy.  Be sure to check out this page to see complete cast and crew info.  More to come.

September 28th 2009

Fall is here and you know what that means.  It is only a matter of weeks until everyone can get their hands on the "Camp Kill" DVD!!!  About eight weeks if you feel like counting.  That's right!!!  "Camp Kill" will be for sale on this site starting December 1st!!!  In other news, be sure to check out the 17 new screenshots just added here!!!  Much more to come.

September 1st 2009

Hey campers!  Post-production is going great.  We cut the movie as it was being shot, so we have spent the last month putting the finishing touches on the sound.  The movie is coming along great!  We are looking to release "Camp Kill" on DVD this fall!!!  More to come.

August 1st 2009

"Camp Kill" writer/producer/director Nate Hanley, writes a bit about what it is like to finally have the shoot complete.  Read it here.

July 25th 2009

Principle photography is complete!!!  A day we have been dreaming of for the past two summers and a day we often thought might never come has finally arrived.  The "Camp Kill" shoot is rapped!!!  The shoot began on May 23rd 2008 and finished up on July 24th 2009.  We are so thrilled with how well everything went and are very glad to have the movie in the can.  It is now on to post-production.  Be sure to check out the two new stills on the top of the page here.  More updates to come.

July 16th 2009

New page added featuring some still photos from "Camp Kill"!!!  Check them out here!

July 1st 2009

Footage from the 2009 shoot has been added to the trailer!!!  Since filming resumed this year, we have updated the "Camp Kill" trailer with a few new shots here and there.  For all you guys who have not seen the trailer since last fall or this past winter, you might want to check it out again to see some new shots!  Check out the updated trailer here.  More to come.

June 21st 2009

Summer is here!  We are happy to report that shooting is going strong.  The weather this June has worked out for us much better than it did last year.  We are moving right along.  Check out a new behind the scenes video on the bottom of this page!!!  Stay tuned for the latest news. 

May 31st 2009

Shooting resumes on "Camp Kill"!!!  On May 30th, we dusted off the camera and pulled out the script to resume the shoot.  The weather worked out for us and we managed to get lots of great stuff shot on the 30th and 31st!  We are off to a great start!  Be sure to check out the new behind the scenes photos for 2009 here!!!  More to come!

March 20th 2009

Spring has sprung and the campgrounds are finally beginning to thaw.  It has been one long, cold winter up here in the north woods.  We are looking to resume shooting in late May or early June.  Stay tuned for a whole lot more!

December 3rd 2008

"Camp Kill" writer/producer/director Nate Hanley, talks about "Camp Kill" and more in a new interview.  Click here to check it out.

December 2nd 2008

The cast speaks!  Two members of the cast, Rachel Grubb and Scarlet Salem, talk a bit about working on "Camp Kill".  Check it out here.

November 17th 2008

New page added featuring a few words from the director of "Camp Kill", a bit about the history of the project and more.  Click here to check it out.

October 28th 2008

Although the main shooting has stopped, we have been doing some small shoots here and there to complete scenes.  The newest behind the scenes photo shows the most recent shoot.  You can check it out here.  More to come.

September 29th 2008

New "Camp Kill" trailer up!!!  The new trailer features nothing but footage from the movie!!!  Now is your chance to get a first look at this killer horror feature!!!  Check it out here!!!  More to come.

September 10th 2008

Shooting is rapped!!!  ...For the year.  We will be finishing up the shoot next summer.  We are thrilled to report that we were able to get more than two thirds of the movie done this summer.  The plan was to shoot the whole movie this year, but it proved too big of an undertaking for one summer.  After a five month stretch of shooting off and on we are very happy with how the movie is coming out.  Check out the new behind the scenes photo here.  More to come.   

July 25th 2008 

Still shooting...  It is still going very well.  More behind the scenes photos added to the site.  Also added the first behind the scenes video.  Check it all out here!!!  Keep watching.

July 1st 2008

Wanted to let everyone know that shooting is going strong.  It has been going very well.  Check out some of the first "Camp Kill" behind the scenes photos here.  More to come. 

May 24th 2008

The first day (night actually) of filming "Camp Kill" was May 23rd 2008!  We are off and running!!!  Check out the very first still from "Camp Kill" above!!!  More to come.

March 10th 2008

Ok so the "Camp Kill" teaser came together quicker than we thought it would!  Hope the movie shoot goes like that!  Click here to see the "Camp Kill" teaser!!!  Much more to come!

March 8th 2008

A "Camp Kill" teaser is expected to show up on this site in the coming weeks! The script is very close to being complete and as pre-production is starting on "Camp Kill" we got an idea for a teaser. We hope to shoot it within the next few weeks. We hope to have it up shortly there after! Stay tuned!

January 14th 2008

Welcome to 2008.  Writing to let everyone know we are still here.  Not much else to report except that writing is going good.  Hope to start shooting in May.  Much more to come!  See you at camp!

August 8th 2007

It’s official. “Camp Kill” will shoot next year… If all goes well.  Have to finish writing it.  More to come.

July 2nd 2007

The “Camp Kill” gears are turning. They are just turning slowly. The plan was to shoot while it was still being written. Trouble is, the writing is going slower than planed. As of now nothing has been shot. We are hopeful that we will be able to shoot some this year. It getting all shot this year is seeming like less and less of a possibility. That is one of the few the benefits of being independent. No big wigs looking over your shoulder telling you to rush rush rush. This way we can make sure it gets done right. It just might take a while. Stay tuned.

June 2nd 2007

At this point we are looking to start shooting this month.  The plan is to shoot off and on all summer.  Around the weather and peoples schedules.  More to come.